Aero Airing

Ah, the Kino Aero, built in 1932 as  Prague’s premier art house cinema — it’s seen a rich film history.  It remains as innovative as ever with the first audio art airing of this kind in a cinema anywhere.  Welcome to the era of listening salons…the audience enters to see a decadent film and before it starts, the lights go down and white text scrolls  on a black screen seducing you to ~

sit back, close your eyes if you like, open your ears and  listen…deeply…excessively…inside out outside in…submit to each and every sound…feel …imagine…remember…and then — go deeper

into an experience of listening where surround speakers immerse listeners in sound and vibrate bodies and flesh and teeth and who knows what happens…in the dark erotics of sound.

Schedule of Airings at Aero Cinema

Artist Work Date / Time Film
Daniel Blinkhorn (AU) Voix Sous 5.11.2010 @ 17:30 Tiresa
Sarah Boothroyd (CAN) Sex and Death 5.11.2010 @ 20:00 Crash
Honeyant (AUS) USuck 5.11.2010 @ 22:30 Tokyo Decadence
Annea Lockwood (NZ / USA) Tiger Balm 6.11.2010@ 17:00 Zoo Zero
Aviva (CAN) Writing Exams 6.11.2010@ 19:00 Panfunucio Santo
Majena Mafe (AUS) Red Bird Sound 6.11.2010@ 21:00 Pink Flamencos
Alice Calm (FRA) Ce que dit la bouche 6.11.2010@ 23:15 The Cook, the Thief his Wife, & Her Lover
Anonymous Warm up 7.11.2010@1:30 Richard Kern: Hardcore Collection
Jesse Seay (USA) Wail 7.11.2010@18:00 Blue Beard
Eric Leonardson (USA) Get your marks on 7.11.2010@20:30 F for Fake
Andrea Dancer (CAN) Love of Dead Meat 9.11.2010@20:30 Taxidermia

Co-curated by Andrea Dancer, Marie Fulkova, Linda Arbanova, Dept. of Art Education, Charles University, Prague.

Translations by Linda Arbanova and Jiri Brabnik.  Subtitles by Michael Flynn.

For more information visit Aero Kino Decadence Now! Film Festival (more info coming Nov. 1)


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